How Much Will A Clay Roof Cost You?

Do you appreciate the look of clay tile roofs? They are nice, aren’t they? They do come with a higher price tag than asphalt shingles or composites. But, they have a great appeal and they last for a long time. How much would you have to pay for a clay tile roof? Before going over that, did you know that there are several types to purchase?

When looking for a new clay tile roof, you want to bear in mind that there are national averages for the roof types that you want. A clay tile roof is going to add lots of beauty to your house.

Generally, tile roofs come in at about $12000. That is for a low-end roof. The top-quality ones will go for about $30000. These are what the high-end products can run. I have a house in my neighborhood that makes an impact because of its clay roof. It has been there for decades and if it is not a high-end roof I would be surprised. Still, it makes the neighborhood look classy.

I have to say that clay tile roofing looks great on any house but with a brick house, they add sophistication and charm. They play off nicely against the texture and color of the bricks. With clay tile roofing you can pick a color combination all your own and pick the materials as well.

You have a whole selection of roof materials to choose from. Clay tiles are some of the most popular because they not only offer beauty, they offer color choices, too.

I just provided the national average for a roof. With it being about $12000, you should be aware that low-end products may only cost about $6600. That is a huge difference. You might want to stop before you buy one this cheap. Most people are not getting a quality shingle roof for a price like that. Yet if you break the price down to square footage it would be about $750 per square foot.

One of the types of clay tiles worth spending money on are the barrel tiles. These are the tiles I am thinking of because they are on the house I mentioned in my neighborhood. They are distinctive but sure, they cost a lot. If they cost about $600 a square foot that makes them quite pricey, but for the length of time that they will last it could be a worthwhile price. The one in my neighborhood has been on the house for more than 20 years, and it will not need replacing anytime soon.

With the choices available for quality, beautiful roofs, clay tiles are a great option. Before shopping for or buying them make sure that they are right for your home and for your budget.

Speak to a roofing contractor for more details. You may still want to get a clay roof but choose one that is on the lower end of the price range for these durable, long-lasting roofing materials which will look great on your house. Get roofing in Colton CA with Bell Roof Company here.