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Residential, Commercial and Public Work (Governmental)

  • Asphalt shingles
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  • Flat roof
  • Energy guard roofing (green friendly)

Bell Roofing Co Roofing Services

Bell Roofing Co Roofing is a full-service company located in San Bernardino, California. Serving the greater Inland Empire, Bell Roofing takes care of all types of roofing services for residential, commercial, and government clients. They offer knowledgeable, experienced roofing services as master contractors for both new installations and for repairs.

Bell makes it a point to offer their services at affordable prices. Choose from all types of roofs including built-up, single-ply, shingle roofs, tile roofs, and sprayed polyurethane foam roofs. They also offer special roof restoration systems using fluid application.

Residential and commercial buildings alike benefit from built-up systems. They are durable and work well on a variety of structures. They are created using hot asphalt and roofing felt. Gravel application reflects the sun and hastens rainwater evaporation to create the perfect indoor environment and roof longevity.

Single-Ply systems are offered to commercial clients using non-asphalt materials to increase light reflectivity and reduce air conditioning costs. Single ply systems also improve fire resistance for maximum safety.

Shingle systems offer a wide array of styles and colors. Shingle variety allows for the exact match for any look a homeowner wants to achieve. Different shingle products have different lifespans, qualities, and price points. Bell Roofing Co is available to help with the best selection for any budget.

Tile roofing can be one of the most expensive varieties available. With the help of the experts at Bell, installing a new tile roof or restoring an existing one can be a more affordable project than ever. Tiles can last as long as a home but the underlayments need replacing over time.

Flat roofs or low slope roofs benefit from a specialty roof system called SPF. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing is a
cool-roof compliant alternative roof system offering excellent insulation.

Restore a commercial roof that has worn out over time using a special fluid-applied restoration system. This type can be applied over almost any roof area without the need for tearing out or removing an existing roof. It is an economical option and there is no need for a building permit to have it applied. Use this method for expert repairs. It offers immediate tax benefits and is one of the most affordable options available.

Find out more by contacting Bell Roofing now. The roofing experts there are not only experienced in all kinds of roofing system installation or repairs but also specially chosen by many roofing manufacturers to install their unique systems as master contractors. They wouldn’t have this designation if they didn’t have the competence needed to work with the best roofing systems on the market.

Contact Bell for any installation of built-ups, single-ply, cold-applied, and other major manufacturers systems.
Bell works to ensure that all systems are installed to exacting specifications. They will meet with homeowners and commercial building owners to assess the exact nature of the roofing need whether it is a repair or replacement. Trust their years of experience and their expertise to bring you the results needed for a roofing repair or restoration.