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Residential, Commercial and Public Work (Governmental)

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate & tile roof shingles
  • Ceramic tiles (shingles)
  • Metal roofing
  • Wood or cedar shingles
  • Flat roof
  • Energy guard roofing (green friendly)

Get Professional Roofing By Bell Roofing Co

Are you a property owner in San Bernadino, California that is looking to get a new roof installed or roof repairs for your existing roof? We are the right people for the job. Bell Roofing Co is a roofing company that has been doing the job for almost a century now. We are a reputable company that provides roofing services for residential, commercial, and government properties. We specialize in roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof replacement among other services.

Residential Roofing – We install single-ply roofing for residential homes. These do not require hot asphalt during the installation but are durable. We also install tile roofs, shingle roofs, sprayed polyurethane foam roofing, and other materials. We offer installation for any roof no matter the design.

Commercial Roofing – Commercial roofing requires a seasoned professional because it is different from residential roofing. Bell Roofing Co understands what it takes to install, repair, or replace a commercial roof. We can handle any size and type of roofing project that our clients hire us for.

Government Contract Roofing Repairs – Finding a company that can do the repairs right and ensures that the roof is waterproof while also sticking to set budgets can sometimes be a challenge. Bell Roofing Co understands this, which is why we have our best crew working on such jobs to do efficient and durable repairs.

Roof repairs – We can restore a roof of any material to new. Whether it is tile, shingle, or SPF, we are equipped for the job. We can inspect the roof and let you know which parts are damaged and what kind of repairs are necessary.

Call us today to get professional roofing services in San Bernadino and the Inland Empire.

Why Choose Us

Plenty Of Experience – We have years on the job, which means that we are experts in what we do. We can give clients advice concerning the best roofing materials if they are installing a new roof and detect the damaged parts of a roof that need repair. Our expertise allows us to give the clients the best results in whatever roofing project they hire us for.

Licensed And Insured – We are aware of the importance of these two aspects, which is why we have a valid license, trained and skilled personnel, and liability insurance. Roofing can be a challenging job, especially if there is a risk of damage to the property. We want our clients to know that they are not financially responsible if any mishap happens during the job. Additionally, our certified crew can carry out the roofing project effectively to give the clients the results they are looking to achieve.

Great Reputation – In the many years we have been doing roofing projects for the clients, we have gained a reputation for giving the clients satisfactory results. Our wide client base is a testimony to the tremendous services that we provide.

Affordable Costs – We offer competitive costs that match the great quality of work that we provide for our clients.