What Is A Roof Restoration?

Your roof is one of the most significant aspects of your home. If you keep your roof in great shape you will retain a good deal more value in your house. You also need it to be in good repair so that it continues to protect your family from weather elements, rain, moisture and pest infestations.

How do you know you need a brand-new replacement or if you can get away with a few repairs? These are important questions to ask yourself. If there are several shingles and some flashing which are missing or torn, you can opt for repairs. If there are several leaks or holes in the roof and it is compromising your home’s interior, you should get it replaced.

The difference in cost between the two is significant. The best thing to do is to consult with a roofing contractor. They can inspect the roof and give you a better idea which option is right for you. You also have the option of getting it restored.

If your roof can do with a restoration the contractors that you hire will clean it, repair it and recoat it. This process can be done on any type of material. You will need to have local experts inspect the current condition of it just to be sure it will be sufficient to get your home back into great shape.

One the restoration is done you will get several more years of use out of the roof. It will also be safer and will be weatherproof, too. You will no longer have problems with leaks after it rains and any shingles that were missing before will now be back in place. Tiles that were missing or that had come off will also be replaced.

Another important job that is done in a restoration is that the ridge caps will be repointed. This works to secure the roof so that it is protected during high winds or bad storms. For tile roofs, cappings that are not in good repair can cause the whole roof to be destroyed in a heavy storm.

The other important job done in a restoration is the recoating of the roof. This keeps your roof from being damaged or worn due to UV exposure. It also prevents the newly restored roof from cracking which means you will have fewer repairs to do in the future and that the roof will require less maintenance.

Roof coatings will also keep water runoff from causing damage to the shingles or tiles. If you are collecting rainwater for drinking most roof membrane coatings are non-toxic so you can safely drink this water after it runs off. You just want to check with your contractor before you go ahead and do this.

If you are ready to get your roof fixed, cleaned and coated, have your local roofing contractor do an inspection soon. A restoration is much less expensive and can be done faster than a replacement. Contact your roof for more information.