Details On Standing Seam Metal Roofs

In some regions of certain countries and in some parts of the world, standing seam metal roofing has become all the rage. In New Zealand, for example, you can see the tell-tale signs of this type of metal roofing all over the place. It isn’t too surprising given how secure, long-lasting, effective, and economical it is, especially in places that have been impacted by earthquakes and their unexpected effects.

The benefit of this kind of metal roofing style isn’t for just people in the world who live in earthquake-prone areas. There are additional benefits to this specific kind of metal roofing also. As its name hints at, there are no rivets, nails, or screws that are exposed to weather elements. Metal is put in place into interlocking sheets, which offers the best kind of weather-tight installation.


Although the price of metal is more stable compared to asphalt, which is reliant on petroleum (oil) to produce it, in general, there is a higher premium on metal. That means that the buyer must be prepared to spend more money on materials when it comes to installing this type of roof.


Although the installation process is fairly straightforward, a majority of roofing companies actually don’t know about installing this kind of material. It requires you to locate a company that has embraced this specific kind of roofing material.

That means if this type of roof has become very popular in the area that you live in lately, you might want to book in advance or expect there will be potential delays due to a shortage in roofers being available who are able to install this type of metal roofing.

It also means that you need to be prepared to pay a higher cost on labor as well. Anyone who has renovated a building, rehabbed, or made home improvements, knows that labor is a major cost of this type of work. In some respects the roofing style is forgiving since it is an interlocking material that is made out of sheets.

However, it is specialized, so it can be kind of a wash when it comes to the price of labor. There are a number of different factors that make this roofing style very appealing to many homeowners.


It will definitely provide you with a weather-tight fit. It is also fire-proof so can provide you with some added assurance. A metal decking material and an underlay of insulation can be added to make it perfect for energy efficiency also.

However, for a majority of people, these days this product looks very appealing. Although shingle companies are trying to make their products appear to be more versatile, through offering a couple of different color options, the entire spectrum of colors is available with metal roofing, with the only limit being your imagination.

A good roofing job can allow a roof to last for a long period of time, offer adequate insulation and ventilation, and keep the home’s interior dry. Beyond that, metal is well-known for providing homeowners with a fire-proof barrier. This added layer of protection is built directly into the house.

In summary, before purchasing anything or hiring installer, make sure to do your homework first. It will make a big difference in having a metal roof that is long lasting and one that is super-long lasting.