Why You Should Consider Having A Wood Shingle Roof Installed

If it is about time for your existing roof to be replaced, then you might want to consider using a different material than what is on your roof currently. Quite often, homeowners will either have asphalt shingles or a corrugated metal roof. However, many people these days are instead moving towards wood shingles. This type of wood shingle is a lot thinner, and is split on both sides. They last for a long time, and some also change your home’s visual aspect to help improve its appearance. In order to get quotes on wood shingle roofs, the following are a couple of tips to help you locate the best companies to install one on your home.

What Benefits Do These Wood Shingles Provide?

One of the major benefits that this specific kind of material offers is that it is capable of lasting for decades. Technically it isn’t as sturdy as stone, slate, or corrugated metal, but it does offer a lot of longevity. The other advantage is that it will significantly transform your home’s appearance. If you are considering selling your house, and it is in need of a new roof, then wood shingles is something you should seriously consider. Most people don’t do it on account of the cost. This type of roof can be a lot more expensive compared to traditional asphalt shingle that can be picked up a home improvement store in your local area.

How To Get A Discount On Your Wood Shingles

If you’d like to do it yourself, there are a number of different stores that will offer special deals to you on wood shingles. However, it is also best to hire a professional roofer for this. They are able to get wholesale prices on any materials you need to buy. Although you will need to pay for labor, it will save you a great deal of time, and you also won’t need to worry about making serious mistakes since certified professionals know precisely what needs to be done. Generally speaking, it costs around six to nine dollars a square foot. This is a lot more expensive than asphalt shingles, which cot about half that much. What you get is a superior product, which is similar to what you would receive with cedar shakes. However, there is a lot more variety to choose from with wood shingles since there may be many different kinds of lumber.

Scheduling An Appointment With A Local Professional Roofer

A local roofer can give you an estimate on the amount it is going to cost. For people who are planning on doing it themselves instead, they can call a local improvement store or another similar company to find out what it will cost for this kind of roofing material. If you don’t have the proper expertise or the time, then the best choice that you can make is to work with a professional roofing company. You can give them a call, or just find them online and send them an email. Somebody will get back to you and get a time set up where they can come out to your house and take measurements, and then give you an estimate on what the total cost of your project is going to be.

If you have been planning on replacing your current roof, then your best choice might be a wood shingle roof. Sometimes they are more preferable to a seam metal roof, clay, or wood shakes, especially when it comes to appearance. If it’s time for you to make an investment into your house, and your budget can handle a new roof, then you should definitely consider installing wood shingles on your home.